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NLP Diploma Module 1

NLP Courses
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Date: Monday, 01 December 2014 09:30 - Tuesday, 02 December 2014 16:30

Venue: West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre, 3 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Nortont, Birmingham B30 1AB  |  City: Birmingham, United Kingdom

NLP Diploma module 1


This 4 day NLP Diploma course is designed to teach you the core skills of neuro-linguistic programming, as developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

whether you want to use this for business or therapy is entirely up to you. The skills taught are really a methodology rather than just a group of techniques so once you start to practice them, it is up to you where you take them.

places are limited as we prefer small groups, to ensure you get plenty of one-to-one work. We have split it into two modules to ease time off work and your learning experience

the price per person is £499 for a booking form please contact us

We will cover the areas outlined below and may adjust to suit the group as the work develops. Day 4 is intended to be a coaching day so focuses on belief change, language and goals.
This 4 day Diploma is intended to give a solid foundation for application of NLP be this with clients, patients and/or colleagues.

Day 1
What is NLP?
•    Brief history
•    Attitude, methodology, techniques

The four pillars of NLP

•    Rapport
•    Sensory Acuity
•    Behavioural flexibility
•    Well Formed Outcomes

Trance application
•    What is “hypnosis”? (all communication is hypnotic etc)
•    Yes sets
•    Matching, pacing and leading
•    How would you use natural trances? – language of suggestion

Day 2
•    Morning ex: Energised exercise – state change
•    Rep Systems
•    Eye Access Cues
•    Modalities and Sub-modalities – intro to Meta model & Milton model


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West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre, 3 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Nortont
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  • From Monday, 01 December 2014 09:30 to Tuesday, 02 December 2014 16:30