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Personal Development Day

personal developmentThe overall aim of the personal development workshop is to build an awareness/understanding of the important of these key areas. The common thread can get overlooked when the sessions are taught as one day each so here is a chance to explore them at an accessible level.

To keep believing you can adapt without the real need to deal with these areas can eventually lead to mental and physical illness. Remember "if you keep doing things the same way, you'll keep getting the same results". Now is the time to CHANGE....

Overcome old limiting beliefs...

Workshop content

TIME MANAGEMENT – Learn to work smarter, not just harder. Simple, effective tools to help you to understand and manage your time effectively

TEAM BUILDING – Whilst a team is a group of people, a group is not necessarily a team. Understanding roles, strengths, weaknesses, goal setting etc will help you create and be part of an effective team.

ANGER MANAGEMENT – Anger and rage are on the increase in all areas of public and private life causing ill-health. The best way to help yourself and others is to understand the causes, triggers and behaviour patterns of anger and to learn effective techniques for diffusing.

STRESS MANAGEMENT – One useful definition of stress is ‘stress is a demand made upon the adaptive capacities of your mind and body’. Learn to develop your stress barometer and effective simple methods of dealing with it.

Learning Outcomes

  • You will be able to identify 'signs' and 'symptoms'.
  • You will be able to identify factors that may cause these problems
  • You will be able to change


sellingWhat is a sales trance? Learn to understand and identify natural trances within us all and how to use them to enable customers to see the true benefits of the purchase they are considering.

Learn to:

  • Use embedded commands
  • Pre-frame for success
  • Identify and create natural trance states
  • Ericksonian language patterns
  • Rapport building (trust building)
  • Overcome sales resistance
  • Matching, pacing and leading


  • Learn to build rapport with everyone you meet
  • Learn how to deliver information and be easily understood
  • Learn methods to handle difficult clients & colleagues.
  • Learn how to motivate yourself & your team
  • Learn how to relax and handle stress
  • Learn to create positive change

Did you know that when you communicate only 7% of your message is contained in the words you use, 38% in the tone and style of your voice and 55% is contained in your physiology (your expressions, your eyes, whether you are flustered or calm etc). Some people refer to this as non-verbal communication. Although spoken communication is a direct way to convey a message, it can be masked. In your physiology the message can be conveyed in a truer sense or form.

Think about it for a second, have you ever asked someone to do something and they say "yes" but you can tell by the way they clench their teeth, and the expression on their face that they are not actually happy about doing it?

With this in mind, it is important to familiarise yourself with this art of non-verbal communication because it can support you in improving the way you communicate with others (I am of course pre-supposing that you want to improve the way you communicate!).

Keep in mind that interpretation of physiology has a high probability rate but it may not necessarily be definite. However with practice you can become a real expert at recognising certain traits in people and learning how to respond or communicate based upon them.

The map is not the territory

Our world is made up of a "map" that we have created ourselves based on a collection of past experiences, our attitudes and belief systems. Our tendency is to filter our experiences
based upon our perceptions and beliefs.

This of course will be different to another person's perceptions and beliefs. If you find it difficult to "step into their shoes" and see the world from their viewpoint then communication can become difficult and heated! Remember that because our map has been made up a certain way it does not mean that this is how the world is even though your belief system will tell you something different!

The meaning of the communication is the response you get

Some people struggle with this presupposition because it places the responsibility for communication squarely in their court, which of course it is! Communication is not about giving fifty-fifty. It is about giving 100% to a conversation from both communicators!

There is usually a desired outcome to communication whether it is to lead, encourage, delegate, request. If your desired outcome has not been met then chances are you may have not expressed yourself in such a way that it fits with the recipient's "map" or view

By taking 100% responsibility for communication within a conversation you are not "taking the blame" and it is not "your fault". This statement just means that the conversation ended badly and if you look to see what your part was in that then you will gather some great insights into future communications.

However, if your option is to "blame them" then nothing can be achieved

You cannot not communicate

Communication is so much more than just words and learning how to recognize and interpret the other forms of communication can provide you with a certain advantage, not necessarily so that you can use this against another, but so that you can use it to communicate effectively and honestly with them.

Mark Peters is a member of The International Association of Trainers in Aggression Management, a qualified NLP Master Practitioner (Society of NLP) and Clinical Hypnotherapist (GHR). He works with local companies and national organisations to facilitate change. the organisation also offers Stress Buster workshops, on-site massage, exercise classes and one-to-one sessions.

This one day workshop can be delivered at your venue for a maximum of 20 staff. Price for the day is

fit training

Training & Development

We provide personal and corporate training via open and in-house courses. We can produce bespoke courses to suit your needs. Below are listed example courses / workshops that have proven very effective.

Sessions can be from 2 hours to 5 or 6 days dependent on your needs. We deliver on-site to suit you.

We work with you to build your business through development of staff potential.

Forthcoming open training courses: Click Here for open courses running in Birmingham

NLP coaching will help you and your clients move forwards in life, overcoming those old limiting beliefs and anxieties. Ideal for those wanting to add life coaching or NLP coaching to their skill set. Also ideal for manager wanting to coach and motivate their staff.

NLP- Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies the structure of how humans think and experience the world. From this we can create the opportunity for change

What is STRESS..?

There is plenty of well documented evidence that stress manifests itself in many ways, sometimes requiring medication. For example:

  • Anxiety, frustration, anger
  • Long term sickness
  • Frequent job changes
  • Lowered immune system, frequent colds etc.
  • Depression
  • Loss of attention
  • Increased smoking and/or drinking
  • Panic attacks
  • Hypertension
  • Palpitations
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Back pain
  • Gastric upset

Within our work environment there can be many contributing factors to increasing stress levels:

  • Job loss - eg redundancy
  • Shortage of available/suitable staff
  • Poor management
  • Ever increasing high targets & expectations to meet
  • Lack of training or skills.

At home we have:

  • Family commitments
  • Mortgages & other bills
  • Less time to unwind

Stress is not all negative....! We require a certain amount to function effectively and this is called Eustress (although we may call it motivation) which can be clearly seen from the Yerkes-Dodson curve.
stress curve
One useful definition of stress is stress is a demand made upon the adaptive capacities of the mind and body. This definition helps us understand three important aspects of stress:

  • Stress depends on your personal view of the stressor and can be both a positive and a negative factor in your life.
  • It is your reaction to the events in life, rather than the actual events, that determine whether the outcome is positive or negative.
  • Your capacities determine the results. Stress is a demand made upon the body's capacities. When your capacities for handling stress are strong and healthy, the outcome is positive. When you lack the ability to handle the demands, the outcome is negative.

Too little stress leads to boredom and lethargy; too much stress leads to physical and emotional breakdown. The right balance leads to a productive, healthy life.

What will you learn...?

The workshop will include Tai Chi, Alexander Technique, Hypnotherapy and NLP.

The aim is to create time for yourself, develop a work-life balance, improve self-confidence and well-being, and facilitate change - remember, if we keep doing things the same way, we get the same results.. By developing the capabilities of our mind and body we will learn to adapt and change

You will leave the day having learnt a number of simple and effective tools to increase self-awareness, improve postural alignment, achieve relaxation, manage stress, have a clearer understanding of the effects of positive and negative language., and have greater perspective of the world around you..

You will learn self-hypnosis to allow you to create calm positive time when needed, along with the confidence to deal with life's stresses and strains.

You will look and feel more relaxed and more confident.

You will be on the road to a more effortless life....

This one day workshop can be delivered at your venue for a maximum of 20 staff.

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