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High Performance CoachComplete Coaching package

Our Complete Coaching Package will move you into the field of Higher Performance Coaching (HPC) which is far beyond the standard Coaching programs most often on offer. Based on your experience and training you will be qualified to work in the fields of:

  • Personal development coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Sports Performance Coaching
  • Youth Coaching and more….

Our Complete Coaching Package builds on the powerful work of Timothy Gallwey, Sir John Whitmore, Michael Breen, Anthony Robbins and others. It goes beyond just using the GROW model or wheel of life and looks at the structure of your experiences that have brought you to where you are now. Understanding the structure of subjective experience moves clients and coaches from the heavily focused left-brain coaching models to an understanding of emotional drivers and creative thinking (right-brain) power.

Learning outcomes

You will learn the power of ‘metaphors in leadership and coaching’ that cut to the heart of the language we use to express how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

  • You will learn what direct and indirect coaching is as we explore the coaching continuum
  • You will learn through practical practice with real life scenarios on each other

What will I gain?

You will build both practical and theoretical practice

  • You will gain training in the most up to date coaching program available
  • You will gain accreditation/certification with nationally and internationally recognised organisations
  • You will gain 2 qualifications: (1) NLP Practitioner (2) Coach


On successful completion of this Complete Coaching Course, you will be fully qualified as a coach with SNLP and have the options to join Association for Coaching (AC) and/or International Coaching Federation (ICF) and ANLP.
Coaching Accreditation

How is the course delivered and what does it cost?

The full coaching package is delivered in three modules with a total cost of £1999 and includes all accreditation fees.

Spring Modules 2018
  • Module 1: 2nd to 5th March
  • Module 2: 9th to 11th March
  • Module 3: 6th to 8th July

Summer Modules 2018

  • Module 1: 15th to 18th June
  • Module 2: 22nd to 24th June
  • Module 3: 6th to 8th July

Autumn Modules 2018

  • Module 1: 21st to 24th September
  • Module 2: 28th to 30th September
  • Module 3: 30th Nov. to 2nd December

What if I am already qualified in NLP do I get any credits?

If you are already qualified as an NLP Practitioner or Master-Practitioner by one of the recognised bodies then you can opt to just attend the 3 day Coaching for Change module at £749 which includes all accreditation fees.

What next?

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Can I get a booking form?

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