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Maybe when you think (search) of Lichfield the only thing that comes to mind is the Cathedral which is great if that’s what you are looking for.

However if you are looking for an NLP TRAINING COURSE we can help.

Lichfield is just a few miles down the motorway to our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in BIRMINGHAM  where you will be able to choose an NLP COURSE to suit your needs.

Whether it be for your own personal use, to incorporate within your workplace, or maybe as a tool in a change of career plan there will undoubtedly be something within NLP to interest you.

Maybe you are not sure which path to take, then please call or e-mail us as we always welcome informal chats

NLP as wonderful as we now believe it to be, was at the start of our search for information and Courses as difficult for us as it maybe for you to find a Provider

who you can relate to and who can clarify any thoughts you have about NLP.

Whether you decide to book one of our NLP courses or not, at least you will have a better understanding of what NLP is and what it can do for you.



The MALVERN hills have always been a favourite place for me and the villages surrounding MALVERN  are what English country life magazines seem to represent.

However  living in such lovely places can have some disadvantages when looking to find a base for a particular training course.

Most NLP TRAINING  COURSES for  example seem to be located in large towns or cities as is ours.

It is just approximately ¾ of an hour down the Motorway from MALVERN LINKS to our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in BIRMINGHAM. So no need to be away from the beautiful MALVERN HILLS for long.



The name WOLVERHAMPTON  always reminds me of my teenage years when I dated a WOLVERHAMPTON Football Club fan and spent many Sundays in WOLVERHAMPTON standing on the sidelines of a cold pitch cheering them on.

It wasn’t far to go you can  just nip on the motorway.

So if you are looking for NLP TRAINING COURSES, our base in BIRMINGHAM is ideal for you if you live in WOLVERHAMPTON just about ¾ of an hour to the NLP TRAINING CENTRE.



WARWICK has a lovely Castle and is a really great place to spend a day or two.

It’s not far from BROMSGROVE where we used to live or BIRMINGHAM where we live now and where our NLP TRAINING CENTRE is based.

Just nip on the M42 and you can be with us in around an hour or less.

WORCESTER, STRATFORD ON AVON, EVESHAM are all around the same travelling time from us really so if you are looking for an NLP COURSE, whether it be NLP PRACTITIONER, MASTER PRACTITIONER OR A CPD DAY we are always happy to discuss your needs.



STRATFORD ON AVON is not just about Shakespeare although being his birthplace has over the years made STRATFORD a real tourist attraction.

Stratford is a lovely town to spend a few days in. It has the river walks, barge holidays, the theatre and an abundance of great shops.

It is also only about an hour away from our NLP TRAINING CENTRE in the BIRMINGHAM suburbs, so if you are looking for  NLP TRAINING and you live in the STRATFORD ON AVON area we may be the ones to have a chat with.



Mention BRISTOL and it brings to mind two things for me, the great Bridge it has ,and when I am on my way home from holidays down South, as soon as I see BRISTOL on the motorway sign it means I only have another hour to go to my home in BIRMINGHAM where our NLP TRAINING CENTRE is also based.

So if you are looking to train in any area of NLP and live in BRISTOL we may be the company for you look at as THE NLP TRAINING CENTRE itself is about 15 minutes off 2 Motorway junctions near BROMSGROVE.

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