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Therapeutic Change - a New Perspective for patient and clinician

Effective communication creates time....!!

Here is you chance for a new perspective; a chance to break the cycle and approach patient interaction with a new outcome in mind.


Research shows that up to 75% of GP visits are actually for Emotionally Induced Illness (E.I.I.) rather than a primary physical condition. GPs’ and Nurses occupy a frontline position in the detection and treatment of emotional problems and psychiatric illnesses. With this in mind, your position necessitates an efficient, effective model of psychotherapy.

Don’t just medicate, Elucidate...!!!

You will learn a series of techniques and language patterns that address the patient’s background issues, affect and most troubling problem. The emphasis of the interview then shifts to how the patient is handling the problem and a demonstration of empathy by the clinician. In addition to this, it is designed to fit smoothly into a standard appointment yet still effect change.

Who should attend...?

All medical professionals dealing with patients one-to-one....
Doctors, Nurses, Midwives, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, District Nurses etc. etc.

What will I learn...?

We will focus on three main areas

  1. Intervention Techniques
  2. Language Patterns
  3. Relaxation and self-awareness

The 15 minute hour - how to get an hours therapeutic work in a 15 minute appointment.

With ever increasing time constraints and financial constraints how fantastic will it be to be able to build rapport quickly with a patient and cut though to the core of the issue most troubling them. How often have you spent time in a consultation only to have the patient mention something on their way out that would have made all the difference or was the worry they really wanted sorting.

Heart Sinkers...

We all have names for the patients that make your heart sink when they come in. They’re the ones that take up 80% of your time and may even get labelled as neurotic. If not checked, this can progress into increasing anxiety, depression etc. if their needs are not met i.e. “nobody really listens to me..”

Chronic Pain

Patients who must deal with psychological distress caused by chronic intractable pain or severe physical disability constitute a challenging group.
By providing meaningful empathy regarding the loss of health you can help these patients deal with what is in essence, a grief reaction. This necessary grief work allows patients to channel their feelings of anger and to deal with anxiety, denial and depression to achieve a more positive outcome.

Learned helplessness

In patients with learned helplessness, you will be able to challenge self-defeating behaviors. The aggression or frustration identified is mobilised and rechannelled into self-fulfilling ways of being. The newly learnt effective questioning often evokes responses that trace the pain of these patients to their early memories of trauma.

The effects of stories

We constantly tell ourselves, as well as others, stories. The stories reflect our view of who we are and our capabilities. Stories should be heard, reflected back and challenged with a view to removing limiting beliefs. A paradigm shift or a shift in the map or view allows each of us to see from a different perspective.

The word game

Understand - Absolutes, limits, generalisations, deletions and distortions. Understand the power of the word YET.

Clear options

Through cleaned language, options in bad situations can be seen in 4 clear categories:
(1) leave it,
(2) Change it,
(3) accept it,
(4) reframe it.

Where can I attend the course?

we run this as an open workshop in South Birmingham so please check our courses page for details. we also run it on-site for you and your colleagues so please contact us for more details. With changes to how patients and services are managed, this course is the obvious next step in cost effective patient centred care.

Courses List

West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre, 3 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Nortont, Birmingham B30 1AB
Date: 26 July 2024


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