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train the trainerTrain the trainer – training design and delivery


Have you ever been inspired by a great trainer; walked out of the session knowing you enjoyed it but didn’t know what set them apart from other trainers that struggle to keep you awake. Well now is your chance to learn these skills and become and inspirational and charismatic trainer, regardless of the subject matter.

Most trainers deliver CONTENT -> STRUCTURE -> STATE where the STATE is what you are left in after the content has been droned at you….. How about if you knew how to get the group into the right state - The right state to learn and be actively interested in the content? If that interests you then this course is for you.

The Course is delivered in two modules as outlined below. You can attend one or both; by attending both your are eligible for ILM accreditation. The Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM) is an internationally recognised organisation making this qualification accepted worldwide.

Module 1: Training Design

Designing training is more than just knowing the content.

You will:

  • Understand learning styles and levels.
  • How to define realistic and relevant outcomes.
  • Be able to map the content of the course
  • Utilise NLP skills and strategies.
  • Learn design strategies to meet your aims.
  • Understand common training mistakes and pitfalls and use them to your advantage.

The design process and skills learnt on this course can be applied from a 10 minute presentation through to a full multi-day training course.

Module 2: Training Delivery – Presentation skills

Become that trainer that holds people and keeps them interested in wanting to learn more.

You will learn to how to:

  • Control your state and that of the group.
  • Utilise the techniques of skilful presenters and actors to hold attention.
  • Direct groups regardless of size.
  • Use stories, anecdotes and analogy to enrich and deepen your training.

This module is more practical than theoretical. You will deliver short presentations throughout the 3 days to practice your new skills. We plan to record the sessions so you can review and learn from them.

You can complete either or both modules, at a pace that suits you, but both must be completed for ILM certification.


This course is accredited by the ILM (the Institute of Leadership and Management). Both modules must be completed for ILM certification.

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