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stress curveA Two Day Workshop

What it will achieve:destress

We all require a certain amount of stress to function effectively, too little stress leads to boredom and lethargy; too much stressleads to physical and emotional breakdown. The right balance leads to a productive and healthy life.



Through this workshop you will learn to recognise unacceptable stress and techniques of how to cope with it and change it. The aim is to create time for yourself, develop a work-life balance, improve your self confidence and well-being and facilitate change - remember:

"If we keep doing things the same way,
we keep getting the same result"

This two day workshop is designed to help supervisors and leaders to cope with their own stress and to understand and recognise stress in others so that they are able to assist them in coping techniques.

You will leave the days having learnt a number of simple and effective tools to increase self-awareness, manage stress, achieve relaxation, improve postural alignment, have a clearer understanding of positive and negative language and feel more able to deal with the stresses and strain of the work and life balance.

Please contact us for a detailed breakdown of the two days.

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West Midlands Hypnotherapy Centre, 3 Middleton Hall Road, Kings Nortont, Birmingham B30 1AB
Date: 26 July 2024


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