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coaching directionIn this introduction to coaching workshop you will learn the effective framework of coaching so you can really help the people you work with, and even yourself, make a difference in life and business.

This introduction to coaching workshop will help you, as the coach, to help individuals identify what they need to do and how they need to do it. NLP coaching is about facilitating personal change.

You will learn to win what Timothy Gallwey called 'the inner game'

Coaching workshop includes:

  • Ring of Confidence – build confidence, change feelings
  • Effective use of metaphors – effective story telling
  • Metal model – core of NLP
  • Modalities & sub-modalities – map of the world
  • How to develop well formed outcomes
  • Time Lining

Discover how to consistently put into action your drive and your motivation and how to reach your goals and objectives by learning the skills used in coaching. You’ll learn how to develop an action plan and how to put it into practical application so that you achieve exceptional results. To be successful this plan must defined, in a specific way your, goals and objectives and must contain within it the steps you need to take to get where you want to go.

Top 10 Tips for NLP coaching

  1. Prepare yourself first - get yourself in the 'right state of mind'
  2. Believe in yourself and your client - trust in the skills and resources
  3. Pre-frame for success - begin with the end in mind
  4. Establish and maintain rapport - Trust is essential
  5. Set a Direction - enjoy the journey
  6. Watch & listen - calibrate and feedback
  7. Clear obstacles and gather resource - overcome the naysayers
  8. Use softeners - make questions seem less questioning
  9. Gather evidence - how will you know?
  10. Wire in the language patterns - practice, practice, practice.

Identify your obstacles and discover your personal strategies for overcoming them easily during the Time lining segment of the training. Discover how to focus your energy, remain motivated and develop yourself to your maximum potential.

Take your first step into the world of NLP and Coaching.

Introduction to Coaching Dates TBA

Please contact us to run the workshop on-site for you and your team.


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Date: 26 July 2024


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