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"After completing the NLP Diploma Course I can't stop raving about it to my wife colleagues and friends" - Lewis, Occupational Therapist

"I have just completed the most fantastic training I have ever done! The NLP course was amazing, looking forward to the next one" - Akeila, Life Coach

"Just wanted to say I really got a huge amount out of the CBT course" - Sue, Director of Nursing

"We didn't just want an off-the-shelf courses so Mark designed one just for us which made all the difference" - Joan, Natural England

"We have worked with many training organisations and Mark came highly recommended. He is now our Key supplier" - David, Birmingham Council

"There are many NLP trainers out there but Mark really connected with us and made it real" - Sarah, Strategic Health Authority

"I have been on NLP workshops before but somehow Mark made it more accessible, I can see how I can use it with our pupils" - Jane, Teacher

"I attended the NLP Diploma course to work with patients and I was suprised how it helped me work with me too!" - Clare, Nurse

"I attended Preceptor training with our PCT and was staggered how useful Mark's training is to both my work and life. I would definately recommend him to others." - Karen, Nurse

"Mark ran a control & restraint course at our school which really opened my eyes, I will be recommending to others" - Kath, school teacher

"Thank you for the INSET training, it was an intense day. Staff expressed that the day was extremely helpful and had left them with confidence" - David, head-teacher

"I really enjoyed the NLP course and can see myself doing more of the same in the future.  Thanks for making it fun as well as thought provoking and genuinely useful." - Catherine, NHS national improvement lead

"I am getting amazing results from the hypnotherapy training, I can't thank you enough" - Ray, Counselor and psychotherapist

"On the coaching course the models provided an excellent platform and interactive sessions were really effective" - Jacqui - Leadership Manager, NHS

 "I attended Mark’s NLP Practitioner course and gained a tremendous amount. The skills I learnt in such a short space of time have supported me both in my professional and personal life. I now feel much more confident in work situations, with the added bonus of a fixed bird phobia, which has been with me since a child. And it’s all down to a pigeon sitting on my shoulder wearing roller skates" - Alison - NHS Business Manager
"I have had the pleasure of attending one of Marks hypnotherapy courses and can honestly say the course is changing my life" - Pete - IT Manager

"the hypnosis course was amazing and am having lots of fun testing out some of the amazing things I have learnt" - Andrea

I wanted to say thank you for the NLP Diploma course you did this week at HEfT (NHS). I really enjoyed it and am still enjoying my juices (I reframed diet) - Anne

one-to-one sessions

"The phobia cure worked so well, I went and got something else fixed!" - Helen - Birmingham

"Mark put me so at ease so quickly - I felt great. Now I can get on with my life" - John - Redditch

"I'd tried everything without success, but this worked!" - Mrs. Green - Birmingham

"After just one session the fear of spiders was completely gone" - Joan - Birmingham

"I have been living with fear for years. I am so glad to be free of it, I feel great." - David - Sutton Coldfied

"Just one session and my phobia has gone" - Steve - Redditch

"If I had know it  would be this easy to quit smoking, I'd have booked to see Mark sooner!" - Chris - Northfield

"I though I'd tried every mothod of controlling my weigh with no lasting success. Mark soon fixed this and the weigh as stayed off" - Debbie

"Mark ran an NLP course for my company so I booked to seem as a one-to-one client because I knew I could trust him" - David - Warwickshire

"I had suffered with anxiety for most of my life and Mark somehow sorted it out in just two sessions" - Susan - Bromsgrove

"Wow I feel brilliant!!  Is this for real - I keep looking for the fear of flying but I can't find it anywhere!!!... How did you do it!"  - Alison, Kings Heath


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