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provocative coaching

Provocative Coaching

Sometimes change requires a push…

Often with coaching, clients try to avoid responsibility. The more you tell them that they are capable of change, the louder their inner voices tell them they are not. Provocative coaching challenges this. It puts fun and laughter back into your change work.

Frank Farrelly (1931-2013) first called it ‘provoke therapy’ then provocative therapy, and said “Provoking change is not just about playing the devil’s advocate, it’s about the effective use of challenge, warmth and humour in equal measure”.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How the approach differs and when to use it
  • Stacking states for a powerful push
  • Pushing by pulling
  • Challenging you clients 1st statement
  • Exaggerate to absurdity
  • Playing Devil’s advocate
  • But what is the problem?
  • Moving beyond your clients limits

This rare opportunity is being offered to those interested in overcoming limitations and those sometimes frustrated with the “Yes but” people.


Open course: We run this as a one-day workshop one or twice a year

Location: Birmingham NLP and Hypnotherapy Training Centre, Birmingham. B30 1AB

On-site training: Can be run on-site to suit you and your team

Contact me for more information: Mark Peters 0121 251 6172 or email


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